Welcome to the Center for Advanced Public Safety

The Center for Advanced Public Safety is an interdisciplinary research center at The University of Alabama dedicated to the implementation and utilization of cutting-edge technologies to enhance public safety and well-being of the citizens of our State, Nation and World. Our substantial technology portfolio includes areas such as analytics, data sharing and integration, novel hardware and sensor technologies, mobile applications and visualization. Our application areas are law enforcement, analytics, homeland security, weather and disaster response, traffic safety and engineering, motor vehicles, health and human services, and emergency medical services.

Faculty from a variety of disciplines at The University of Alabama work on numerous research projects that either contribute directly or indirectly to our public safety and well-being goals. Our Center faculty team with Centers from other universities in the Southeast on a variety of projects, notably including Georgia Tech, Mississippi State University and Harding University. Our software is used in all 50 states and has changed the way that law enforcement, traffic engineers and many other disciplines conduct business, resulting in more crimes being solved, more lives being saved on the highways and greater efficiencies in a number of areas across the government IT enterprise.

From the Director

Thank you for visiting the CAPS website. CAPS was founded in 2002 with the goal of assisting federal, state and local agencies by providing access to current research and cutting-edge software technology in public safety. We are proud that our efforts have been extremely successful in bringing the latest in technology to a variety of government agencies throughout Alabama and to a number of partners in other states and at the federal level as well. For information on a variety of our software projects, see Software.

CAPS is housed in the College of Engineering employing over 100 people while also partnering with core faculty members from different disciplines across the University. CAPS full time professional staff are composed of research engineers, software developers, business analysts, IT personnel and social scientists. CAPS employs and supervises a significant number of students as graduate research assistants and undergraduate interns.

The Center manages over 60 grant- or contract-funded projects at any one time. In the last five years, CAPS submitted over 200 proposals totaling over $55 million in awards. Research expenditures in the last year exceeded $15 million. CAPS is the top-ranked Center on the UA campus in total research dollars. Read More…