Emergency Medical Services

CAPS has developed an electronic patient care report (ePCR) to be used on laptops in ambulances when rescuers make emergency calls. CAPS has  experience developing software for law enforcement to use in their patrol cars. CAPS worked with the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH) through sponsorship from the Alabama Office of Highway Safety to develop the Recording of Emergency Services Calls and Urgent-Care Environment (RESCUE). The software is compliant with the National EMS Information System(NEMSIS) version 3. RESCUE contains at least twice the number of variables of eCrash so this is a major project. Web services have been developed so that other software solutions for ePCR by local agencies can submit records that are NEMSIS compliant.

The EMS and trauma data web portal dashboard was developed to provide easy access to analytics for the RESCUE data and ultimately trauma data. The system is another implementation of CARE and ADVANCE, and all of the capabilities of those analytics systems have been implemented.

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