The Law Enforcement Tactical System (LETS) is a secure web-based search engine that has been designed to provide law enforcement and criminal justice agencies information about individuals and vehicles by searching various databases. LETS is an integration mechanism for vehicle, driver, and violation data and even produces photos to aid in positive identification of apprehended or wanted individuals. It was released in mid-January of 2003 and it rapidly became a major tool. It currently has over 1,000 agencies and over 14,000 users and its success stories are numerous.

LETS is available to all law enforcement agencies over the Internet and to officers in the field through mobile devices used in patrol cars. LETSGo is a mobile version of LETS that is optimized for usage over air cards in the patrol cars. This version has commercial vehicle information and has a built-in text to speech engine that produces voice readout of the critical summary information. LETSGo is now under the domain of the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center who directs CAPS on LETSGo development and enhancements


  • Built-in text to speech engine that produces voice readout of the critical summary information
  • Commercial vehicle and carrier data
  • Fast information returns
  • Searches approximately 30 databases
  • Integrated into MOVE (Mobile Officer Virtual Environment)
  • Online Insurance Verification
  • Commercial vehicle data
  • Carrier data: detailed information about carriers and their associated vehicles

Download the LETSGo Flyer