The Weather Analytics Technology Computational Hosting Laboratory

Director: Dr. Laura Myers

Mission: Provide public perception research on the weather warning and preparedness process. Provide current and evolving social science research about weather-related processes, impacts, and preparedness for the weather enterprise partners.


  • Provide survey and qualitative research and data on public perceptions of weather risk and preparedness to weather enterprise partners, including the National Weather Service, broadcast media, emergency managers, and private weather companies.
  • Provide social science research teams for end-users, including NWS service assessments, NWS research efforts such as impact based messaging research, broadcast media, and private weather companies
  • Provide social science weather research experts from various disciplines and topical areas.
  • Support the integration of technology to improve communication with the human side of the equation – both in collecting and broadcasting storm information.

Areas of Research:

  • Weather Warning Research
  • Winter Weather Study
  • NWS Storm Service Assessments
  • Storm Prediction Center Communications Study
  • Weather Data in MOVE for Law Enforcement
  • Impact Based Warning Study
  • Weather Enterprise Workshops
  • Integrated Warning Team Workshops
  • National Water Center
  • Social Science Application education