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Insurance Management

CAPS partnered with the Alabama Department of Revenue (ADOR) to develop two major products to perform real-time insurance verification, track ongoing coverage, and manage mailers registrants use to respond to requests for insurance verification:

Additionally, the MLI System manages reinstatements and suspensions of registrations related to insurance violations. We upgraded many motor vehicle processes that relied on mainframe technology and contained methods tied to their operations. Today, these systems no longer rely on the mainframe. All legacy data has been either converted/integrated into the new system or migrated to a modernized way to access the data. Analytics for the MLI System and OIVS are provided by another CAPS-developed system, Alabama Motor Vehicle Title, Registration and Insurance Portal (MVTRIP).

License Plate Management

We developed two products to manage personalized/specialty plates from registrants, including a provision to handle pre-numbered bulk orders from county offices.

  • Personalized Tag Reservation System (PROS)
    • is a front-facing interface used by registrants to reserve a personalized tag that can be redeemed at any county office
    • interacts directly with the AIMS system to complete the order and print/mail the tag
  • Alabama Inventory Management System (AIMS)
    • is a full inventory management system used by county offices to place and receive orders
    • has a full warehouse-type suite of functionality allowing for management of tags on hand and pending orders

Other Motor Vehicle Products

  • Motor Vehicle Dealer License (MVDealer): system for collecting dealer license applications from motor vehicle dealers and the administration of licenses. Its web interface:
    • is used by dealers and ADOR administrators
    • interacts with insurance registration information web service and a payment service developed by Alabama Interactive.
  • Commercial Vehicle Information Exchange Window (CVIEW): a state-based electronic data exchange system that provides carrier, vehicle, and driver safety and credential information to fixed and mobile roadside inspection stations, state agencies, and other third party users