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CAPS’ origins are tied to analytics software through the development of its first product – the Critical Analysis Reporting Environment (CARE).

Analytics software performs analytical functions on any database and is not application-specific. For example, CAPS developed CARE to enable decision-makers to mine information from data without requiring the assistance of sophisticated databases or statistical experts. This goal is not application-specific. The first application of CARE was to traffic crash records, but CARE can be used for a wide range of applications.

CARE has many tools for information mining and visualization.

Data exploration functionality includes:

  • frequency distributions
  • cross-tabulations (up to three-way)
  • filter generation directly from frequency distribution and cross-tabulation outputs

CARE analytics tools include:

  • Information Mining for Performance Analysis and Control Technology (IMPACT): an information mining tool that automatically mines valuable information out of the raw data that often sits dormant in a database
  • Automated Dashboards for Visual Analysis and Control (ADVANCE): a display mechanism used by administrators and managers to obtain the statistics for operational performance. A standard set of variables can be displayed to gauge operational efficiency on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.