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CAPS evolved fluidly from the traffic safety efforts involved with the Critical Analysis Reporting Environment (CARE) to developing software for law enforcement.

Today, a primary goal of CAPS is to provide state-of-the-art technology support and software products to law enforcement personnel in order to increase their safety, operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Over the course of this past decade the changing face of law enforcement technology has resulted in laptops and other mobile devices becoming necessities rather than luxury items. The ability to be wireless, mobile, and use electronic forms and devices is vital in today’s law enforcement world. CAPS has been a leader nationally in developing systems that assist law enforcement in this endeavor.

The Law Enforcement Tactical System (LETS) was one of our initial software developments at CAPS for law enforcement. It has become the standard search system used by all law enforcement throughout Alabama, and is used largely within their vehicles.

The LETS application operates under the Mobile Officer Virtual Environment (MOVE) which allows the sharing of data among a suite of other applications within MOVE. This data sharing between MOVE applications increases accuracy through pre-population. For example, a GPS location created under MOVE can be used within MOVE applications such as eCite, to issue a citation, and eCrash, to complete a crash report.