• 1980s

    • CARE Group Formed

      Dr. Brown and a few students continue working with the CARE software and form the CARE Group.

    • 1995

    • CARE Wins National Award

      CARE receives the NHTSA Administrator’s Public Service Award. This is NHTSA’s top public service award and recognizes the tireless efforts and outstanding contributions made to improve highway safety throughout the country.

    • 2000

    • New Director

      Dr. Brown steps down as director of the CARE Group, and Dr. Allen Parrish, a Computer Science faculty member, is appointed the new director.

    • 2001

    • Click It or Ticket

      The Click It or Ticket (CIOT) traffic enforcement and public education program conducted between April and June in Alabama begins. CAPS conducts the data collection and analysis for the program.

    • Homeland Security Focus

      CAPS begins developing SHARE and PUSH to aid in Alabama Homeland Security Efforts.

    • 2002

    • CARE Research & Development Lab

      The CARE Group becomes known as the CARE Research and Development Laboratory (CRDL). Full-time professional staff are hired to work on software development projects.

    • LETS Development Begins

      CAPS begins developing LETS as a stand-alone system in June.

    • eCite Development Begins

      CAPS develops eCite, an electronic citation generation and processing system. This process-level solution is capable of eliminating the outdated and time-consuming paper citation form used by law enforcement and the court system.

    • 2003

    • LETS Software Deployment

      LETS, a secure web-based search engine designed to provide law enforcement and criminal justice agencies database information about individuals and vehicles, is released in mid-January.

    • 2004

    • AlaCOP Development Begins

      CAPS is awarded funding through the Alabama Department of Homeland Security/United States Department of Homeland Security to develop a secure criminal justice information web portal for authorized Alabama law enforcement and criminal justice officers.

    • 2005

    • Buckle Up in Your Truck (BUIYT)

      Alabama participates in the national BUIYT program to increase safety belt usage among pick-up truck drivers and occupants. CAPS performs program evaluations and compiles a comprehensive program report.

    • 2006

    • CAPS releases AlaCOP

      AlaCOP, the official criminal justice information web portal for authorized law enforcement and criminal justice officers within Alabama, is unveiled by Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center (ACJIC).

    • 2007

    • 100% eCite Adoption

      eCite achieves 100% adoption by Alabama State Troopers, and the Alabama municipal roll-out begins.

    • 2009

    • Research Center Status

      Due to the growth and success of CRDL, the Board of Trustees of The University of Alabama votes to promote the lab to center status. On April 17, 2009, the Center for Advanced Public Safety (CAPS) is established.

    • 2013

    • MVTRIP is Developed

      CAPS develops MVTRIP, a Motor Vehicle Title, Registration, and Insurance Portal, for the Alabama Department of Revenue.

    • 2016

    • New Home in Cyber Hall

      CAPS relocates from Shelby Hall to the newly renovated Cyber Hall.

    • 2018

    • CAPS hosts CMV Summit

      In October, CAPS hosts the Commercial Vehicle Safety Research Summit with the goal of exploring the best practices for advancing safety through partnerships with other universities.