CAPS’ software development and research have a reciprocal relationship. Research fuels innovative software development, while the resulting systems supply the data upon which further research is based. Our software development includes advanced transactional systems in the public safety field, and our analytics software has been designed to enable domain specialists to mine the most critical information from their data. We work directly with agency users from conceptualization through final system testing to ensure that the software responds to their needs without superfluous or complicating functionality.

We take an integrated systems approach to software designs. In developing the electronic citation (eCite) system for example, we did not just develop a way to produce a citation with a laptop. Rather, through our integrated approach automated generation of the citation in the field, transmission of the electronic citation, electronic swearing to comply with state laws, integration with court and police records management systems, and administrator access to both view and analyze the data via web portals is all wrapped into one system.

Our diverse areas of research and experience demands a core staff of business analysts, software engineers and software developers that work hand-in-hand with clients to ensure that required features are developed and implemented.

If you are interested in engaging CAPS to develop software for your agency, please contact us at 1-866-349-2273 (toll free).

CAPS software falls into eight major focus areas: