We are a research center that is focused on the complete lifecycle of software development.

Not only are we developers, but we are also data scientists who use our products to shape the world around us in an informed way.

Research fuels innovative software development, while the resulting systems supply the data upon which further research is based.

Our software development includes advanced transactional systems in the public safety field. We designed our analytics software to enable domain specialists to mine the most critical information from their data. We work directly with agency users from conceptualization through final system testing to ensure that the software responds to their needs without superfluous or complicating functionality.

Law Enforcement

CAPS is a national leader in developing systems for law enforcement. We have partnered with law enforcement entities to provide support and software products to promote their safety as well as operational effectiveness and efficiency.

With the CAPS Critical Analysis Reporting Environment, we can provide an extensive range of products that perform various functions, from issuing citations to completing crash reports.

We routinely partner with state and municipal law enforcement entities in Alabama and have implemented our systems in other states, including Georgia, Mississippi and Arkansas.

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Traffic Safety

CAPS plays a significant role in statewide and national transportation and traffic safety through a process of data collection, problem identification, countermeasure recommendation, implemented countermeasure evaluation and outreach.

Our transportation and traffic safety products have evolved over many years to include the wide variety of needs of law enforcement and public safety organizations. We offer an integrated research and development process for tech directly related to the specific needs of transportation and traffic.

Our law enforcement products are excellent examples of CAPS’ security capabilities, which have been incorporated due to the sensitive nature of law enforcement data.

Projects often consider the software and ever-changing hardware needs of law enforcement personnel.

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Homeland Security

CAPS has been involved with Alabama’s homeland security efforts since 2001. Drawing from our experience of preserving public safety through law enforcement projects, CAPS developed software for analysis and reporting and private infrastructure for security personnel to access USDHS information.

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Motor Vehicles

Through extensive research and outreach efforts, CAPS has built various motor and commercial motor vehicle systems to simplify enforcement. Our motor vehicle focus is multifaceted, from commercial to personal vehicle applications and software. Each project is developed using the latest technology and tools. For example, our priorities for OIVS included enhanced security measures and full-scale data hosting.

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Health & Human Services

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With CARE, a web-based portal for mining traffic crash data, as CAPS’ first product, our origins are deeply rooted in analytics. Our analytics software aims to empower decision-makers with expertly derived information, but a byproduct is that the resulting data informs our own research and software iterations.

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Weather & Disaster Response

CAPS is focused on improving public safety through social science and human factors research. Concentrating on topics such as severe weather communication and emergency management, we strive to advance the understanding of these complex issues in both the public and private sectors. Informed by this research, we develop products and tools to aid in applying and implementing industry standards and best practices.

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Emergency Medical Services

CAPS is an industry leader in NEMSIS compliant web-based systems for collecting EMS run data in ambulances and emergency response vehicles.

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