We conduct studies on traffic safety by using data from our analytics software and disseminating it for public use. Additionally, our traffic safety research is at the foundation of many of our projects and is routinely expanded upon in academia.

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Alabama Crash Facts Book // Report

The Alabama Crash Facts Book (CFB) is an annual report that provides traffic safety statistics to constituents and the public based on data from our analytics software.

CAPS currently aids in the generation of information for the publication but has previously handled both the data gathering and production of the report.

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Alabama Highway Safety Plan // Report

The Alabama Highway Safety Plan (HSP) is an operational document used in the field to implement the best-known strategies for ADECA/LETS resource allocation. CAPS has been contracted by ADECA/LETS for over 15 years to produce the HSP.

CAPS utilizes CARE to identify problems, determine countermeasures, and how best to apply the countermeasures.

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Buckle Up in Your Truck // Program

The Buckle Up in Your Truck (BUIYT) program was introduced in Alabama in 2005 after pick-up truck drivers and occupants were identified on both state and national levels as having the lowest recorded seat belt usage.

CAPS performed evaluations of the programs based on before and after data and compiled a comprehensive report for the programs.

View the 2007 Buckle Up in Your Truck Evaluation

Click It or Ticket // Program

Click It or Ticket (CIOT) is a traffic enforcement and public education program conducted between April and June each year in Alabama. Multiple agencies and organizations participate in this effort to improve highway safety through the use of seat belts.

CAPS has been involved in the Click It or Ticket program since 2001 inception. Learn More

View the 2018 Click It or Ticket Evaluation

eCite // Product

eCite is an Electronic Citation Generation and Processing System. It was developed as a process-level solution to the outdated and time-consuming paper citation form used by law enforcement and the court system. Learn More

Research from eCite data:

  • Optimized enforcement efforts due to citation data analytics
  • Afforded access to defendant demographic data (e.g., background information, types of citations issued, etc.)
  • Afforded access to citation location data due to GPS integration

Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over // Program

The Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over program is focused on the importance of not drinking and driving. It involved a strong media and enforcement blitz focused on the Labor Day Holiday weekend. Due to its strong media presence, it is often referred to as the Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Campaign.

CAPS assisted with the data collection and analysis efforts in order to determine the success of the campaign. A telephone survey was conducted from a representative portion of the state as soon as the enforcement period ended. A total of 500 qualified Alabama driver residents were randomly sampled using a combination of landlines and cell phone exchanges. Learn More

The overwhelming majority of drivers (77%) had seen or heard messages encouraging people to avoid drinking and driving.

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Strategic Highway Safety Plan // Report

The Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) effort was mandated by the US Department of Transportation to assure that every state had a comprehensive (i.e., statewide) plan for those traffic safety efforts that were being supported with federal funds.

CAPS provided technical and data assistance to the participants through the use of our CARE software.

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