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CAPS initiated its assistance to Alabama health and social service agencies with two significant efforts:

  • MyAlabama: a Web portal for the State of Alabama to support individual business transactions with state agencies/entities
  • MyDHR: a Web-based food assistance application

A goal of is to ensure that all citizens are aware of any services that may be available to them, and the plan is ultimately to make all Alabama e-government applications available through this site.

We developed MyDHR.Alabama, similar to MyAlabama, as a Web-based food assistance application. This system enables potential or existing Food Assistance Program (FAP) recipients to initiate or continue applying for benefits via the Internet.

  •’s function is to collect, validate and authenticate the pre-application data. It then forwards the application data to populate the appropriate application type. It employs the same security, confidentiality, and privacy features that have been realized in several other systems we recently developed (e.g., AlaCOP and LETS).