Our proprietary software is used to analyze data, mine information, and identify problems in order to produce annual reports for both traffic safety professionals and the public. Data for the following publications was derived from CARE.

Alabama Crash Facts Book

The Alabama Crash Facts Book (CFB) is an annual report that provides traffic safety statistics to constituents and the public based on data from our analytics software.

CAPS currently aids in the generation of information for the publication but has previously handled both the data gathering and production of the report.

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Alabama Highway Safety Plan

The Alabama Highway Safety Plan (HSP) is an operational document used in the field to implement the best-known strategies for ADECA/LETS resource allocation. CAPS has been contracted by ADECA/LETS for over 15 years to produce the HSP.

CAPS utilizes CARE to identify problems, determine countermeasures, and how best to apply the countermeasures.

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Strategic Highway Safety Plan

The Strategic Highway Safety Plan (SHSP) effort was mandated by the US Department of Transportation to assure that every state had a comprehensive (i.e., statewide) plan for those traffic safety efforts that were being supported with federal funds.

CAPS provided technical and data assistance to the participants through the use of our CARE software.

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