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CAPS first became involved with the development of software that supports the U.S. and Alabama Homeland Security efforts in 2001. These efforts were supported by both federal and state homeland security funds. A significant seminal federal effort resulted in the development of the Secure Homeland Analysis and Reporting Environment (SHARE), a system for secure reporting and communication of terrorist activities, which later evolved into the Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) system for state and regional incident reporting. That project also resulted in the Portal to Uphold a Secure Homeland (PUSH), which has been in operation for over a decade, providing USDHS information to private infrastructure security personnel.

These efforts dovetail well with the law enforcement software that CAPS has developed since law enforcement and homeland security work closely together to preserve public safety. Specifically, the law enforcement tools that complement homeland security efforts most include the Mobile Officer Virtual Environment (MOVE), the Law Enforcement Tactical System (LETSGo) a web-based system that connects Alabama law enforcement to about 30 different databases for instant on-line access in the field (via MOVE), AlaCOP and the Active Directory Authentication and Processing Tool (ADAPT), an environment that facilitates the assignment and management of user privileges and access using the Active Directory base security system.