MapClick is a mapping application that is integrated into the MOVE framework. Location information from MapClick is stored in Move as objects that can be populated into eCite, eCrash or any of the applications residing in MOVE.

It has multiple layers for coordinates, node numbers, link numbers, road names, road codes and milepoints. With the layers tool, users can get details about layers, toggle between them, and turn them off.

Users can click a spot on the map and be provided with the two nearest nodes, the GPS coordinates,and an address. The user can populate this information into the various MOVE applications.

MapClick works independently, with an internet connection, or when paired with a GPS device:

  • independently: using location information stored within the program
  • internet connection: adds real-time location information from Google
  • GPS device: enables tracking, which shows the user’s car on the map and saves the current location

MapClick can be used as an alternative to Microsoft MapPoint. However, MapPoint remains integrated into MOVE.


  • Track User Movement on the Map
  • Save Current Location
  • Multiple Map Layers
  • Search Tool
  • Radius Measure Tool
  • Address Lookup
  • Day or Night Mode


Download the MapClick flyer