eCrime is the newest crime management system that is set to replace ULTRA. Please visit the eCrime landing page for more information.


UCR Local Template for Reporting and Analysis (ULTRA) is a case management system to assist local agencies in creating and submitting their Uniform Crime Reports. In late 2008, the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center (ACJIC) unveiled ULTRA, a software system that was developed by the Center for Advanced Public Safety with their close guidance and sponsorship. ULTRA is a smart-client software application that allows agencies to create and submit Alabama Uniform Incident Offense (IO) and Arrest reports to ACJIC via the Internet. ULTRA offers a no-cost solution to agencies who wish to be able to enter, search and retrieve state IO, Arrest and Supplement Reports.


  • UCR data submissions to ACJIC on a near real-time basis
  • LETS searching capability while connected to the Internet
  • Pre-population of forms using “drag and drop” of LETS query results into IO and Arrest reports
  • Spell checking
  • Generation of printable reports
  • Driver’s license reader compatibility
  • Ability for officers to search and review all of their agency’s reports

ULTRA users (agencies) can create reports either offline or online. The system will buffer any information that needs uploading and perform the transfer once connectivity is established. ULTRA also allows local agencies to store information on local ordinance violations and non-criminal events for local agency use only.

ULTRA is available at no cost with minimal set up requirements.

For more information or to express your agency’s interest in ULTRA, please contact ACJIC’s Crime Statistics and Information Division at (334) 517-2450.