eCrash is an electronic traffic crash reporting and transmission procedure system. It provides the necessary tools for officers to prepare a crash form including both crash location functionality and crash diagram support. A full suite of administrative tools is available through MOVE to support the needed backend processing of crash forms and the approval and archiving of the crash data.

With the introduction of eCite in 2003 and its use by all Alabama state troopers in 2007, the need for a similar system for processing the 130,000+ annual Alabama traffic crash reports became evident.

eCrash was developed to use the same equipment officers use for eCite and the same software environment, MOVE.

Concurrently, the state of Alabama decided to change to MMUCC-compatible crash reports, which ensures that all states have a minimal set of data elements. The new crash report system, Alabama Uniform Traffic Crash Report (AUTCR), was deployed in 2009 and is supported by the eCrash system.

The State of Alabama deployed eCrash statewide on June 1, 2009, to all State Troopers and many police departments. Alabama had virtually 100% of agencies using eCrash within one year of the initial deployment.

eCrash is sponsored by the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs and directed by the Alabama Department of Public Safety.

For questions, call the technical support help desk toll-free at 1-800-392-8025.

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    • Paperless: It is the goal that by January 1, 2010, all agencies will be reporting all crashes using the eCrash system for collecting and entering the data elements that describe motor vehicle crashes that occur within the State of Alabama. The eCrash system is a major innovation in that it enables the entry of this important data as close to the crash scene as possible, thus assuring completeness, consistency, and fewer interpretation errors. It also saves money and resources in reducing all duplicate efforts (i.e., officers entering data on hard copy forms only to have these data re-entered into the computer). The electronic submission eliminates the need to mail in paper crash forms. The timeliness of the data is now virtually instantaneous and readily available for processing.


    • MOVE Compatibility: MOVE lends eCrash the following capabilities:
      • Scan all of the drivers’ licenses of involved drivers that are available
      • Search any of these for information on LETS
      • Find the current officer’s GPS location
      • Validate the form data and correct all errors to create the record
      • Transfer the record and submit it for supervisory approval
      • Correct any faults in the record found by supervisors
      • Print the record at the roadside

      Installing MOVE on a computer will place the following icon on the desktop:


      The MOVE environment screen sits on top of the computer desktop screen and gives the user easy access to LETS, eCite, Log Book and the eCrash program.

    • Ease of Data Entry: From the outset the Alabama Department of Public Safety insisted that eCrash would employ the most current technology to make field data entry as effortless and uncomplicated as possible, resulting in the following design:


      The screen is divided into four basic sections:

      • Icons: A row of icons across the top of the screen deal with strategic issues (creating a new report, saving an existing report, etc.)
      • Side Panel: Controls and directs the data collection for the current report. Users can move through the report systematically, or use the side panel to directly access each section of the report. Each section is highlighted in red until completed.
      • Data Entry: Located to the right of the control side panel, this panel changes depending on the selected portion of the report.
      • Validation: Located at the bottom of the page, this section keeps track of each data element and will prevent the report from being submitted until all data elements are completed.

      Drop-down menus are provided for all data elements that can possibly be described in this way. This approach, along with the flexibility of direct access to all data elements through the quad-screen layout, have been found through field testing to provide the easiest possible data entry method.

    • Flexibility: The eCrash system enables the entry of any number of involved drivers, units, persons, pedestrians or other non-motorists. Unlike most paper-based systems, eCrash can automatically generate the data space needed for storing the respective data elements, and it automatically sets up the output report to handle any eventuality.


    • Highlights:
      • Driver’s license barcode and magnetic stripe scanning
      • Auto-population of Drivers License and GPS information
      • Integrated Easy Street Draw Crash Diagramming
      • Crash Report Validation to minimize errors and maximize consistency
      • Electronic submission creates a paperless system with information available in real-time
      • No further redundant data entry
      • Windows XP and Vista compatible
      • Written in Microsoft .NET 3.5
      • SQLite database


Training Documentation

An eCrash User Guide and an eCrash Data Element Training Manual are available upon request for eCrash users. Direct requests to:

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