Comparable in many ways to MyAlabama, was developed by CAPS as a Web-based food assistance application. This system enables potential or existing Food Assistance Program (FAP) recipients to initiate or continue the process of applying for benefits via the Internet.  Basic information is requested for each member of the household, and the data gathered are sent to the DHR Online Application Case Information System (OACIS) Intranet application and the state’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) system mainframe CICS system (SCI-II) in order to facilitate the process of generating and maintaining applications for benefits. 

MyDHR.Gov provides an easy-to-use front end for those applying for services, including:

  • case status information
  • allotment histories
  • change reporting
  • the ability to complete the simplified reporting forms

All of which is accessible without the need for direct contact with a caseworker.’s function is to collect, validate and authenticate the pre-application data. It then forwards the application data to populate the appropriate application type. Some administrative information is maintained within at this point to assure overall information integrity and data security. It employs the same tight security, confidentiality and privacy features that have been realized in several other systems we recently developed (e.g., AlaCOP and LETS).