This year’s Summit was held on May 17-18, 2022


Commercial Vehicle Safety Research Summit

Best Practices for Advancing Safety through Partnerships with Universities

The Center for Advanced Public Safety (CAPS) and Alabama Transportation Institute (ATI) are pleased to host the Southeast CMV Summit. The summit will bring together government, industry, and research personnel who have interests in CMV traffic safety with the goal of heavy interaction among university researchers, personnel from government and private agencies, law enforcement, and CMV industry representatives.

The objectives of the summit are as follows:

  • To exchange CMV traffic safety information and new research with attendees on relevant topics including, but not limited to, improved compliance, new safety technologies, and rural road safety.
  • To involve state and federal officials in collaboration with regard to safety regulations and innovations in compliance approaches.
  • To discuss emerging technologies from federal, state, and university research efforts on commercial vehicle enforcement operations and investigate potential collaboration areas.
  • To involve all participants in sharing the cost and benefits of past experiences and best practices on a wide variety of topics related to safety, technology, and rural roads.
  • To build and strengthen existing law enforcement, university, and private industry partnerships for research and technology transfer efforts to improve CMV safety.
  • To assist law enforcement and private industry participants in gaining access to university research, CMV safety resources can assist with data analysis, analytics, and related topics, such as optimization and statistical processing.
  • To duplicate and improve upon the 2018 Summit by taking advantage of the experiences of those who conducted the first Summit as well as those who attended it.

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