Our team has developed an electronic case routing incident management enterprise system called eCrime. This system will be totally replacing its ULTRA predecessor. eCrime is an application in the MOVE suite of law enforcement products and it contains Uniformed Crime Reporting forms. Capturing, storing, and retrieving quality data facilitates better strategic plans to fight crime and keep citizens safe.


  • 100% compliant with the National Incident Base Reporting System (NIBRS)
  • Secure authentication access
  • Faster and more accurate persons and vehicle data with the integration of MOVE import data feature
  • Faster and more accurate location data with the integration of GPS and Map Click import data feature
  • Easy and intuitive user interface
  • Templates to allow customized preset values
  • Real-time business rules validations based upon NIBRS and local ordinances
  • Data is readily available for searching, reporting, and mapping
  • Data submission to vendors, criminal justice center, and NIBRS central data repository