is a Web portal for the State of Alabama to support individual business transactions with state agencies/entities.

When initiated, MyAlabama impacted five agencies within Alabama: Medicaid, Children’s Rehabilitation, Human Resources, Industrial Relations, Public Health.

Prior to its development there was no single central portal for all benefit payments.  With each agency having its own web site there was high replication of development costs with little hope of providing the authentication and security services that can be obtained by a centralized system.

This problem was solved by the development of which now provides a one-stop-shop to the large variety of state services that are participating. 

For example, services now exist so that Custodial parties can find child support payment information and Non-Custodial parents can find court order balances, bills and payment coupons. 

A major goal of is to ensure that all citizens are aware of any services that may be available to them, and the plan is ultimately to make all Alabama e-government applications available through this site.