In 2015, the Alabama Department of Revenue increased security measures to protect Alabamians and the state from identity theft and tax fraud by implementing the Alabama Taxpayer Identity Protection Program. This program required certain taxpayers to go online and complete an ID Quiz confirming their identity for their tax return to be processed.

CAPS worked closely with the ADOR Individual & Corporate Tax Division to develop a comprehensive campaign to promote awareness of this new program to Alabama taxpayers. It was essential that taxpayers understand that this program was a benefit to them and provided an extra layer of protection against ID theft and tax fraud.

The main goals of the campaign were to:

  • Increase taxpayer comprehension of the ID Protection Program
  • Achieve a successful usage rate of the ID Quiz

To this end, we coordinated and executed the following activities:

  • custom logo and branding development
  • poster and flyer design
  • poster distribution to libraries, top employers, and community organizations
  • press release distribution to media outlets throughout the state
  • development of content for dedicated ID Theft and ID Quiz pages on the ADOR website
  • design and production of informational and instructional videos for the ADOR website
  • production and placement of ads: print, radio, television, outdoor, and digital
  • comprehensive search campaign

Working in conjunction with the ADOR’s Communications Officers, we succeeded in promoting the benefits of the ID Protection Program and received positive media coverage across the state.

Creative Assets

Television & Radio Commercials