The Optional Network Election for Single Point Online Transactions (ONE SPOT) tax filing system was designed and implemented by the Alabama Department of Revenue (ADOR) pursuant to the passage of SB 459 in May 2012. The system has been available since October 1, 2013, to companies conducting business in Alabama. It allows companies doing business in Alabama to pay sales, use and rental tax for all cities and counties and the state through the central My Alabama Taxes portal. ONE SPOT was a joint project of the Alabama Department of Revenue, counties, and municipalities.

The existence of ONE SPOT presents an opportunity for a significant reduction in paperwork and sales tax filing burden for these companies. Because the system is optional, it is imperative that the benefits of using this system are made clear to Alabama business owners and companies. To accomplish this, CAPS worked with ADOR on a highly targeted publicity campaign.

The main goals of the campaign were to:

  • publicize the implementation of ONE SPOT
  • emphasize the benefits of ONE return, ONE payment, ONE place
  • familiarize companies conducting business in Alabama with the My Alabama Taxes portal

To this end, we coordinated and executed the following activities:

  • custom logo and branding development
  • poster and flyer design
  • production and placement of ads: radio, print, outdoor, and digital
  • automated calling and email blasts
  • social media campaign
  • comprehensive search campaign

By using simple images and slogans, CAPS promoted the ONE SPOT system as a convenient, time-­saving tool for business owners across Alabama, allowing them to focus on business development instead of administrative red tape. Since implementing ONE SPOT, counties, municipalities and the state have experienced a significant increase in compliance with tax filing regulations.

Alabama Department of Revenue: Everyone Wins

Published May/June 2014, Alabama Municipal Journal
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