The Atlas Alabama website, sponsored by the Alabama Department of Revenue and supported by the Governor’s office, was developed concurrently with the establishment of the Alabama Small Business Commission to provide an online portal for entrepreneurs and small business owners to find and access local, city and county small business resources. Read more about the website development process on our Resources page.

CAPS worked closely with ADOR, the Governor’s office and the Small Business Commission to develop a statewide public awareness campaign for Atlas Alabama.

The main goals for the campaign were to:

  • increase awareness of the Alabama Small Business Commission and promote its activities
  • promote and establish branding for Atlas Alabama
  • reach entrepreneurs and small business owners through a targeted media plan

To this end, we coordinated and executed the following activities:

  • custom logo and branding development
  • poster, brochure, and promotional materials design
  • production and placement of ads: print, radio, television, outdoor, and digital
  • social media campaign
  • comprehensive search campaign

We reached our target audience  using specialized advertising such as news programming, public radio, sporting events, business publications and financial sites. We also designed print and billboard ads featuring testimonials from local small business owners as part of the branding for the Small Business Commission.

Creative Assets

Television Commercials

Radio Commercials